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November 8, 2015

4 Ingredient Cookie Bar Dessert

This is a very versatile dessert but yet supper yummy! There are only 4 ingredients. If you are pressed for time this is a great go to recipe I use.

You will need:
*1 box of yellow cake mix
*1 egg
*1 cube of better (melted)
Mix those ingredients all together, then add any type of baking chips you would like. This one I used Reese's chips but you could use just plain chocolate chips, mint chips etc. 
Bake at 325 degrees for 25 mins

Now you have a yummy yet simple dessert to save the day with a busy schedule :) Hope you enjoy

November 2, 2015

The Best Firewood Storage Idea

I LOVE how easy and good on the bank account this project was! It is a great solution on what to do with firewood. Depending on how much you have will depend on how big you would need to make this. We don't use a ton of wood so this is how we built ours. 

3 cinder blocks 
2 4x4's
2 2x4's both cut in half
(if you use a lot more firewood then we do, I would get 6 cinder blocks, longer 4x4's  and, not cut the 2 2x4's in half, it will give you that extra height for more wood).

Now we will just cover it with a tarp once we get colder weather to keep all the wood dry. This only cost us barely $40.00 to make this project and you can whip it out in 5 mins or so. Enjoy :)

October 30, 2015

Halloween Party

My kids love Halloween and we do a Halloween party every year. Here is what happened at our house this year.

 Zombie Virus drink (apple cider) Vampire Blood (juice)
We were infested with rats on our base boards :) We decorated the stairs this way to keep the party and kids downstairs. It worked great!

Mystery Box was a HUGE hit! The kids were SOOO grossed out when I told them "Feel what Monster Eyeballs feel like" etc... I had all of the adults feel everything as well and they had to guess what I used for each item. It was a lot of fun!
*Monster Eyeballs- peeled grapes
*Witches tongues- sliced bananas 
*Vampire Heart- peeled tomato 
*Witches Fingers- sliced carrot 
*Monster Hair- cooked noddles 
*Zombie Brain- head of cauliflower 
*Monster Teeth- popcorn kernels 

The kids made some Monsters, decorated Halloween sugar cookies.

The kids also played spider races (take a spider ring and have them blow it across a table with a straw) They also had a pinata, Pinned a bow tie on Mr Bones.
                                                                 My hubby and I's costumes this year

 The kids had Mummy dogs and the Adults had homemade Chili with cornbread... YUMMY

Some of the food spread  (I wish I took closer pictures of everything we had some great treats) That is all folks, don't forget to come back often for more posts :)

October 28, 2015

Homeschool Room

Here is a preview of our homeschool room this year! Before and After Pictures :)
Every once and a while I like to take a good look around the room at what is working and what isn’t working. Having the work stations have helped us a lot with organization.

Our Math Station

Our Writing Station 
All of my green and blue buckets I got at the dollar they are great for so many storage options. (look under my other homeschool room post from our last house) it goes more in detail.
Art station 
 Work boxes and Art cupboard  
I have added a new consequent chart that has really helped this year.

I will be posting some other things about our Homeschool later down the road. We love how functional everything is this year in our room. Thanks for stopping by!

October 26, 2015

Front Porch Idea

I am going to be posting a bunch of cheap and easy ways to decorate your front porch for each month of the year. Here is my October one, start off by getting 2 potting pots (I spray painted mine white) I always have them look like this each month before I add in the holiday or theme items. Fill it half full of dirt and then add in any of your color choices for tree round ornaments, then add something for height I used some nice decor twigs and other natural items such as pine cones. Now that you have your base you can let your imagination go wild. The dollar store will be your best friend to achieve what I will share with you.
I have dollar store tomb stones and spiders that I added 
 If you have room to add any kind of smaller table on your porch decorate that too.
I hope you liked my October porch decorating ideas :) 

Best new skin care product out there!

I can't believe it has been so long since my last post!!! Sorry about that. I have been super busy with my new baby and other kids. Well, I have posted a short post on RENU 28 before but all I am going to do is post ALL of these before and after pictures for you. Pictures speak volumes and I have been using it since June of last year. It is AMAZING and  I LOVE it! My skin has never felt so soft and clean. For only $35 a tube you can't beat the price. It truly is a ONE and DONE product. I have used it on my kids for sunburns, bug bits, scrapes you name it!!! Ok so here are the pictures of what people are seeing with this amazing product...did I mention it is safe for everyone and has NO HARSH chemicals :-) Get yours at